WellCare Product Highlights

Wellcare’s vision is to be a leader in government-sponsored health care programs in collaboration with our members, providers and government partners. We are committed to providing quality, cost-effective health care solutions for our members and their families. We also recognize the importance of investing in our associates and fostering a rewarding and enriching culture. We believe that by doing well for others, we can also do well for ourselves. By working together, we can make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of those we serve.

Why WellCare?

  • Full product portfolio for Medicare beneficiaries
  • Dedicated Broker support
  • National Footprint

Why Agent Boost?

  • ABM Agent Portal – World class online dashboard to streamline client management, commissions, and training
  • Sunfire enrollment tool – Your FREE online enrollment portal, with built in doctor and drug lookup tools
  • Rocket CRM – Simplified online sales management tools, visualize your pipleine and close deals faster

Wellcare has a lot to offer its clients, whether they’re looking for a prescription drug plan or a Medicare Advantage plan. Wellcare is a trusted organization that is well-known for its dedication to its clients. Wellcare has a dedicated broker call center that can help you get started selling successfully. In addition, Wellcare offers a resource guide that can help you get the information you need to make informed decisions about your clients’ needs. Wellcare is an excellent choice for any broker looking to offer their clients the best possible service.

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