ACA Health Insurance

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Quoting and writing health insurance in the current environment can be difficult.
Between some states on the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM), private state exchanges, plans on exchange, off exchange, short term health and Christian ministry plans, it can be overwhelming!

It’s ok, we got you!

Our staff understands the unique challenges of health insurance brokers and are here to help you:

  • Get appointed with multiple carriers
  • Certified and ready to sell
  • Provide a diverse selling portfolio
  • Understand quoting and enrollment platforms
  • Provide ongoing support
  • Give expert advice
  • Provide valuable reporting
  • Know which policies are lapsing or missing payment for binder
  • Increase visibility with your book of business
  • Help you grow

FAQ's from our Brokers

  • Do all the family members need to be on the same plan? Not always, learn more here.
  • If an employer is offering health benefits and it’s pricey, do they have to take it? Not always. New legislation doesn’t always require the family to go on an employer group plan; this is referred to as the “glitch fix”. Read more here.
  • How much commission will I receive and does Agent Boost Marketing take any of my commissions? No absolutely not. Most carriers pay brokers/agents a fixed amount per member per month (PMPM). You receive the full commission; we are compensated from carriers in other means outside of the traditional agent commission.
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  • Do I pay for an enrollment or quoting platform? No. In fact most agents use HealthSherpa; which we are very familiar with and can provide initial setup and ongoing training using the platform.
  • Do you have other ancillary products that I can offer to fill gaps in coverage or sell alongside a major medical plan? Yes! Talk to our health division to learn more.
  • When is Open Enrollment? For the FFM it’s November 1- January 15th, but can be different if a state has a private exchange. Read more here.
  • Can I enroll someone outside of Open Enrollment? In many cases, yes. There are special elections and qualifying life events that can allow you to do so. Here’s more info. An Agent Boost staff member can help you determine if your client has an SEP or event that allows them to enroll in a plan.
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