How to be ready to sell

Make sure you are ready to sell medicare this year

Agent Roadmap

  • Get insurance license
  • Obtain E&O insurance
  • Contract with agent boost marketing
  • Select the carriers and product that you want to sell
  • Complete all product certifications for each Carrier that you select on your contract
  • Verify your “RTS” (Ready to sell) status , and activate your selling tools, Sunfire, CRM, and ageet boost website account
  • Start marketing yourself! Buy leads, and get to work!

We're constantly onboarding brand new agents to the Medicare insurance industry. They always ask, how can I start selling and making money? Where do I start? Here is the path or the steps you'll need to take in order to start selling policies and making commissions:

Obtain a health insurance license in your home state

Obtain a health insurance license in your home state; also known as your resident state. Every state has different criteria, testing centers or methodology to get your license. Typically, you can buy study materials or register for online courses with multiple vendors, and learn the applicable information in your state. Then simply schedule to take an exam with your state. And there are usually about 50 questions and the test takes less than an hour. There are fees to buy study materials, do fingerprinting, background and obtain your license.

Typically the entire cost is less than $400. Check with your State Department of Insurance (DOI) to see what the guidelines are in your area. Remember, once you obtain your license, you’ll also need to perform continuing education (CE) credits and pay a fee to renew your license usually every two years. Some states may vary.

Obtain E&O insurance. This is also known as professional liability insurance and it can be obtained from many different insurance companies. Essentially you need to have this in place when you are acting on behalf of an insurance company and representing their products.

Just in case you commit an error or you omit something very important to the consumer, you have protection in place should the consumer decide to file a complaint or lawsuit against you. If all of the insurance carriers and products that you are going to be selling are aligned with Agent Boost Marketing, we can and will provide you with E&O Insurance completely at our cost! There is absolutely no cost to you. This is an annual Savings of about $500. (Insert e&o info or link to blog)

Obtain E&O insurance

Contract with Agent Boost Marketing

Contract with Agent Boost Marketing. Provide us with all of the necessary personal information, and select the carriers and products that you want to represent; we’ll start the process on your behalf.

Contract with Agent Boost Marketing

Complete your annual Medicare training certifications. Yes, certifications to sell Medicare products must be completed on an annual basis due to the fact that the products are constantly changing and so are the regulatory guidelines. While there are a few different options for annual certifications, we recommend AHIP because it is accepted from all of the carriers with whom we contract.

About AHIP

Complete your annual Medicare training certifications

Complete carrier and product specific training

Complete carrier and product specific training. Before you can meet with a consumer, and educate them on insurance companies and their products, you need to have a good baseline understanding. You’ll learn distinctions between companies, product types, availability, and their offerings so you can be a knowledgeable advisor for your client.

Verify your ready to sell or RTS status with each carrier. Ensure that you have completed all necessary training requirements before you attempt to make your first sale. Failure to do so, will result in a compliance infraction or forfeiture of commissions.

Verify your ready to sell or RTS status with each carrier

Activate sales technology and get materials

Activate sales technology and get materials. You’re finally ready to sell! We have tools like Sunfire that can simplify your selling process and keep you compliant. We can activate this tool and get you going within 24 hours of RTS. Ensure you are taking advantage of this great resource.

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