Oscar ACA Product Highlights

Oscar offers Individual & Family 2024 health insurance plans in 18 states. This includes select counties in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Plan details vary a bit by state, but you’ll get great benefits no matter where you live.

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Why Oscar ACA?

  • Great providers nearby
  • A supportive Care Team
  • Virtual care anywhere
  • $0 preventive care

Why Agent Boost?

  • ABM Agent Portal – World class online dashboard to streamline client management, commissions, and training
  • Sunfire enrollment tool – Your FREE online enrollment portal, with built in doctor and drug lookup tools
  • Rocket CRM – Simplified online sales management tools, visualize your pipleine and close deals faster
  • All qualified health plans offered on the ACA marketplace offer coverage for basic benefits, or essential health benefits. When you choose Oscar, you’re covered with these 10 essential benefits:

    1. Ambulatory (or “outpatient”) services: Any medical care you receive where you aren’t admitted to a hospital.
    2. Emergency services: Medical care that you receive when visiting an emergency room, whether for a broken arm or a heart attack.
    3. Hospitalization: Any reason you’re admitted into a hospital, including for surgery or overnight observation.
    4. Pregnancy, maternity, and newborn care: All of your practitioner provider visits during your pregnancy, as well as your birth and doctor visits for your newborn baby.
    5. Mental health and substance use services: Psychiatrist or counselor care as well as treatment at a mental health clinic.
    6. Prescription drugs: Antibiotics, blood pressure drugs, antidepressants, and all other medications prescribed by your doctor.
    7. Rehabilitative services and devices: All medical care you get for an injury, disability, or chronic condition (like physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychiatric rehabilitation, etc.)
    8. Laboratory services: Any time a practitioner takes a sample (blood, urine, skin, etc.) and sends it to a lab for testing.
    9. Preventative care, wellness services, and chronic disease management: Visits to your doctor for your annual checkup, vaccines, or screenings (such as blood pressure, cholesterol, or colon cancer), along with medical care for chronic diseases (like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or arthritis).
    10. Pediatric services: All healthcare for kids, including dental and vision.

    Additional benefits include:

    1. Contraceptives: Many forms of birth control including the pill, implants, IUDs, emergency contraception, sterilization procedures for women, and more, as well as counseling from your doctor.
    2. Breastfeeding coverage: Breastfeeding support, counseling, and education, as well as breastfeeding equipment and supplies for the duration of breastfeeding.

    These aren’t necessarily the only benefits your plan offers. Certain benefits are only covered with some plans, while others are only required in select states. Not sure what else your plan includes? Check online or find a plan to see what other benefits you get as an Oscar member.