Humana Product Highlights

Humana is an innovative insurance carrier that is committed to helping members live their best lives. The company offers a variety of Medicare Advantage plans that provide coverage for basic medical needs as well as additional benefits like vision, dental, and fitness. Humana also has a strong focus on preventive care and offers many resources to help members stay healthy and active. In addition, the company offers discounts on health-related products and services, making it easier for members to live a healthy lifestyle. Humana is a great choice for those who are looking for an insurance carrier that is dedicated to promoting wellness.

Humana Producer Support: 800-309-3163

Why Humana?

  • Comprehensive Broker Portal
  • Extensive Training Resources
  • Marketing Resources
  • Health Risk Assesment - HRA

Why Agent Boost?

  • ABM Agent Portal – World class online dashboard to streamline client management, commissions, and training
  • Sunfire enrollment tool – Your FREE online enrollment portal, with built in doctor and drug lookup tools
  • Rocket CRM – Simplified online sales management tools, visualize your pipleine and close deals faster

Humana is a large, well-known carrier with plan offerings ranging from MA to Medicare supplements, prescription, dental, and vision plans and more. Humana agents have access to dedicated tools and support that makes it easy to sell these plans. Combined with the wide availability of these plans, Humana is sure to be a staple in any agent’s portfolio. Humana is a great choice for agents who are looking for a carrier with a wide range of product offerings. With Humana, agents have the opportunity to sell a variety of plans that will meet the needs of their clients. Humana’s dedicated tools and support make it easy for agents to sell these plans, and the wide availability of these plans makes Humana a great

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