Sunfire – Your One Stop Solution for Quoting and Enrollments

Bryan Smith

Learning the nuances of multiple different carrier enrollment solutions can be very confusing and time consuming. Agent Boost Marketing has spent significant time, money, and effort on identifying and implementing a long-term solution to the ALL-IN-ONE electronic enrollment platform. After a year and a half of searching, we have landed on SUNFIRE. I was very interested to find out that the individual who created and developed the eHealth site was the same who created SUNFIRE MATRIX. 

Agent Boost was one of the first adopters of this platform and have been investing in its growth ever since. We’ve found that SUNFIRE has features that other platforms either don’t have or fall short on; keep in mind that SUNFIRE pulls information directly from each Carrier who contracts with them, and all the RX data is straight from CMS. 

This intuitive platform is being used by multiple IMOs in the industry. Agent Boost is not re-selling this platform to agents, we are not branding it as any other name to make it look proprietary, and the best part, we do not charge our brokers to use this service. Most companies who offer this tool pass most of the cost down to the agent in the form of a monthly user fee, or a “per application” fee. Once again, not Agent Boost Marketing; this service is free of charge. 

Sunfire is packed with features. Here are the highlights and features of this robust web-based enrollment tool. 


  • PURL (personal URL) with a consumer facing website. Send quotes and links to plan enrollment and documents directly to your client. Attached this PURL to your website and direct potential clients there to quote and enroll themselves. And don’t worry, no matter if they enroll themselves or with you, you still get full commission and are the agent of record.
  • Personal RTS report. This will give you a comprehensive list of all your licensed states and your status with each carrier.
  • Create client profiles to call back at any time for the purpose of servicing the account and quoting new plans or options for the life of your client.
  • E SOAs (Scopes of Appointments) Complete in person, send SOAs via text or email, or even upload your own signed paper scope.
  • E Signatures – Enjoy 3 ways to obtain an enrollment application signature.  In person, Via TEXT, or Via Email
  • HRA integration – Do not leave any more money on the table. It seems that every Medicare Advantage Carrier has additional funds set aside to pay the agent upon completing their specific Health Risk Assessment (HRA) or Value Based Enrollment (VBE).  SUNFIRE now has this integration for all plans. Some plans work directly with SUNFIRE and have their HRA imbedded in the platform. And others will simply incorporate a link that says “Begin HRA” and this link will take you to an offsite URL to complete the assessment. Earn anywhere from an additional $50 to $150 per MAPD enrollment. 
  • RX lookup and Pharmacy integration. Look up, save, and quote all plans based on the Prescription Drug data you add to the client profile. You can change this data as their needs change as well. Imagine how good you must look to your client if (after years of working with someone or even after the first interaction) they call you again and you are able to speak intelligently about their drug event data, and ask- “Hey Mrs. Jones, are you still taking Lisinopril, or is that a drug we don’t need to worry about this next year”.  SUNFIRE pulls and aggregates its RX data directly from CMS (the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) and scrubs all the medications against each carrier’s formulary for the most up-to-date pricing. 
  • Doctor lookup – Although this is a great integration, I still will double check on the carrier’s direct tool. But it does give you a very good jumping off point regarding “in network” doctors and specialists. 
  • Customer lookup – This is a new feature that was launched within the past month. With Customer lookup, you can take the MBI (Medicare Beneficiary ID) and plug it into SUNFIRE to be able to see the customer’s Medicare Advantage / PDP history.  What’s even better, is that your SUNFIRE application will be pre-populated with the following data making the enrollment process much quicker and easier.
  • Medicaid Level lookup – If the Customer lookup feature wasn’t enough, SUNFIRE also can look up your customer’s Medicaid level; no more confusion on which DSNP you Customer qualifies for. (Keep in mind that this feature is not active for every State)
  • Training – There are many training videos on platform as well as off platform to become a SUNFIRE expert.

For additional information, training, support or to create a Sunfire account, please get in touch. Here are some additional resources as well:


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