How Agent Boost is Helping You Stay Compliant with the New CMS Call Recording Rule​


How Agent Boost is Helping You Stay Compliant with the New CMS Call Recording Rule

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented a new requirement that all sales calls with beneficiaries be recorded in their entirety, including the SOA and plan presentation; see the Final Rule here: Final Rule for Contract Year 2023. 

This ruling has caused industry-wide anxiety, panic, and confusion. The ruling applies to all TPMOs (third-party marketing organizations) which includes agents and brokers. While we understand the need for increased oversight and compliance, we feel that the implementation of this ruling was done in very short time frame. Many brokers will need to significantly adapt how they are doing business in order to comply with this new regulation.

Not to fear, at Agent Boost Marketing we have you covered. We’ve had our RocketCRM available to our agents at no cost for over three years now. It has the call recording capabilities and requirements the CMS is expecting, as well as HIPPA compliant storage. You can use it on any desktop, tablet, mobile device or phone; you can even download our app here. We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve and remaining at the forefront of this industry. Our role is to alleviate the stress of compliance and streamline the sales process so that you can be more productive.  In addition to the technology, we’ve created a guide and FAQ regarding this recording rule. 

Learn more about RocketCRM features and functionality.

Agent Boost Call Recording Guide and FAQs 

Again, these tools and resources are free to our agents, and we highly encourage adoption for compliance, efficiency, and additional lead opportunities. Should you have additional questions or need support setting up an account, downloading the app or functionality please contact us! [email protected], submit a ticket though your Agent Boost broker portal, or call us 1-855-378-1451 ext 1007

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