Best Practices to Wrap up AEP

Best Practices to Wrap up AEP

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Written by Richard Post
Agent Success Manager & Licensed Life and Health Agent
Dec. 1, 2022 5 min. read

Best Practices to Wrap up AEP

As AEP is near an end, we want to share some best practices to ensure that you are as successful as possible this last week. 


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Check all your enrollments you have submitted. Whether you are a field agent or a telephonic agent, use the carrier portals or systems that are at your disposal to ensure that your apps have been processed. We frequently see that there are apps pended or rejected due to incorrect information, lack of verification of ineligibility. (Think partial DSNPs, full DSNP, C-SNPs) Most carriers will provide you with RFI reports, but we observe that often agents don’t pay attention to that report. Stay on top of your business! You work hard for it…


Circle back with your existing book of business to ensure that they are satisfied with their current plan and don’t have interruption with meds, access to docs, DME, etc. Remember- their health and life situations can change and what may have been a suitable plan for them in the past may not be the right option for them now. Mind your business.


Ask your book of business for referrals. This one is a no brainer, but if you have clients that are happy with your service, they likely know others that could benefit from your help. Ask! Friends don’t let friends call Joe Namath.  


Get in touch with your community resources. Do you have building managers, pharmacists, doctor offices, funeral homes, silver sneakers instructors or centers of influence in your community that send you business from time to time? If so, reach out to them and ask if there are any stragglers that could still use help before December 7th. Ask. 


Work your sales funnel. Work very thoroughly all your open leads. If you were never able to contact them and conduct a presentation or do an enrollment, work the lead. Ensure you have compliance to contact, but call them, email them, text etc. to give them one more opportunity. It’s likely that in October they weren’t in the buying mindset, but maybe they are now. Don’t give up on the leads easily.


Apps need to be submitted before midnight EST. Whether you are using an electronic tool like Sunfire, DRX or a carrier tool, submit on time. Paper apps should also be in by this time frame to avoid any potential compliance issues. All apps submitted after this time with the election code-AEP, will be investigated by the carrier. Do not put yourself at risk, follow the rules. 


Have a plan to continue working throughout December. Don’t stop growing your business just because you had a great sales season. There are many areas that have SEPs, and you can continue to write business. (Think 5-star plans, disaster areas, C-SNP plans, SAR, SPAP and more) If you can’t find a way to write business, spend time on your strategy for next year, audit your systems, mailing lists, clean up your operations, hire staff and more. 


Be ready for OEP. This is a great time to continue growing your business and remember that the SEP code for LIS and DUALs is active again; it opens up an entire new sales opportunity for you.



If you have questions about business practices, need support or additional guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team here at Agent Boost Marketing! We love our agents! We only exist because you are awesome.

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